• Natalia N. Mozgovaya, Dr. Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don
  • E. A. Suroedova, Dr. The Don state technical university, Rostov-on-Don
Keywords: components of personal space of a man, values and meanings, systems of values, activity spheres, students


The analysis of theoretical and empirical works on psychology of the personality and axiological sphere of students’ activity of the university has been carried out in this article. During the empirical research of formation of the axiological sphere of students of the second - fourth courses of Pedagogical Institution of the South Federal University they have got the definite results. These results helped to find out not only dynamics of these processes, but also the development of personal space components. The analysis of this problem revealed that a person values have the basic impact on all components of a personal space of the subject. The personal space of a man is at all stages of ontogenetic development. During a person’s studentship it is the most noticeable. They have also found some connections between the students’ values and their personal space formation and development. 


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