Serial type: Journal

Format: Print and Electronic version

ISSN 2334-847X (Printed)

ISSN 2334-8496 (Online)

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Editor: Dr. Lazar Stosic, PhD (Editor-in-Chief)

Frequency: 3 issues per year (April, August and December)

Start year: 2013.

The DOI prefix allotted for IJCRSEE is 10.5937

Content type: Academic/Scholarly

Language: English

Key features: Abstracted and Indexed, Refereed, Peer-reviewed.

Status: Active

Subject code: Cognitive Science, Social Science, Pedagogy, Psychology, Artificial intelligence, Linguistics, Philosophy, Computer science and Neuroscience.

Publisher: The Association for the Development of Science, Engineering and Education, Serbia,


- Don State Technical University - DSTU, Rostov on Don, Russia

- The Ural State Forest Engineering University, The Faculty of Economics and Management, Ekaterinburg, Russia

- College for Preschool Teachers, Aleksinac, Serbia

Editorial description:  International Journal of Cognitive Research in Science, Engineering and Education (IJCRSEE) is an international, high quality, peer reviewed open access journal covering cognitive research and practice in cognitive science, including studies of cognitive processes, education, emotions, perception, memory processes, thinking, problem-solving, planning, training, studies of language and consciousness. The journal focuses on studies in the field of education, human performance and studies of fundamental cognitive skills in everyday life. The journal combines works in the field of psychology, artificial intelligence, linguistics, philosophy, computer science and neuroscience. The articles on the results of scientific research in various fields of cognitive science that concentrate on multidisciplinary audience are of top priority for the journal. The audience of our journal – is, in the first place, researchers in the field of cognitive science and related fields, including psychologists, educational researchers, anthropologists, philosophers, linguists, neuroscientists, programmers.