• Xenia Naidenova Military Medical Academy, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • Sergey Kurbatov Research Center of Electronic Computer Engineering, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Vyacheslav Ganapolsky Military Medical Academy, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation



planimetric tasks, natural language analysis, cognitive approach, dynamic visualization, intelligent system


A new cognitive approach is proposed for understanding the texts of planimetric tasks and for visualizing the task conditions to complement the syntactic-semantical sentence parsing. Two main difficulties in understanding texts of plane geometry tasks are observed: the ellipticity and vagueness of texts. To overcome the difficulties in understanding the task conditions it is proposed constructing cognitive models of objects and relations between them. The proposed cognitive approach is incorporated in an integrated system for automatic solving planimetric tasks with the natural language interface. The interactive visualization has been developed in the system. It depicts the syntactic and semantic structures as a result of natural language text analysis and searching for task solution. This visualization allows the users to obtain explanations associated with any elements of the images and to correct the tasks’ texts in dialog with the system. The destiny of the system is to serve for training schoolchildren in the domain of Euclidean geometry. The cognitive approach proposed can be a first step to automated analyzing plane geometry texts, in perspective, as a cognitively controlled parsing.


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Naidenova, X. ., Kurbatov, S. ., & Ganapolsky, V. . (2020). COGNITIVE MODELS IN PLANIMETRIC TASK TEXT PROCESSING. International Journal of Cognitive Research in Science, Engineering and Education (IJCRSEE), 8(1), 25–35.