• Svetlana Masalova Institute of Professional Development of Specialists in Education, Russia, Rostov on Don


scientific cognition, new knowledge, rationality, cognizing subject, rational and irrational, flexible rationality


The paper considers a flexible rationality as a new category of postnonclassical science that reveals the correlation of rational and irrational in cognition. As leading in the construction of a methodology for the cognitive modeling of the flexible rationality author selected cognitive-discursive and experiential approaches. "Cognitive matrix" of the cognizing subject is represented by the linguistic means (cognition, concept, category) - the linguistic form of the flexible rationality. Fulfilling the role of the cognitive "tools", the linguistic structures demonstrate the integrity of the perception and meaning system of the cognizing subject as onticaly holistic bearer of the flexible rationality in the unity of the anthropological and socio-cultural specifics.


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